Why Energy Management?

Managing your power consumption can be a difficult process without quantitative data to base your decisions. You need to understand where the power is being consumed, and how much is being used. This is the first step to reducing your energy cost.

The process for managing usage is different across sites, and we always tailor the service to suit your requirements and goals.

Our Services

We offer a range of different approaches to help you quantify your energy use for decision making, and to help manage and reduce consumption. Depending on the size of your operation and your goals, we offer;

  • Site inspections and reports
  • Power monitoring and analysis with our data loggers
  • Cost/Benefit reports of upgrading equipment to energy efficient devices
  • Installation of power meters and monitors
  • Power factor correction

Typical Process

The typical step by step process we use to reduce your power consumption

  1. Initial meeting to discuss your goals and budget.
  2. Site inspection/audit – This involves a walk around and an energy monitoring/logging device installed.
  3. Energy usage data is analysed after 1 – 2 weeks of monitoring to determine areas of improvement.
  4. Formal report and cost/benefit proposal submitted.
  5. Changes are implemented
  6. Formal report after changes to show actual vs predicted

Our reports make decision making simple and are backed up by actual data after the changes have been made to prove how much power you are saving.

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Energy Management
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