Power Quality Analysis

Single and three phase analysis to provide the answers to get your system running smooth and efficiently. Also used for advanced troubleshooting or benchmarking of electrical equipment.

  • Power factor correction
  • Reduce wasted energy
  • Detection of underlining power problems

Thermal Imaging Inspections

Thermograph provides an insight into fault finding and energy audits that cannot be seen or tested for by traditional means. By using thermal imaging cameras we are able to diagnose and rectify faults before they occur.

For more information on thermography and our services in this area, please see our Thermal Imaging page.

Motor + Vibration Analysis

Measurement and analysis of motors to provide key performance parameters such as power, harmonics, unbalance, speed, torque and mechanical power + vibration analysis to determine mechanical failure points.

  • Reduce motor failure
  • Identify critical failure points
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Early detection of faults

Smart Equipment

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the internetworking of physical devices, also referred to as “Smart Devices”. We provide upgrades to existing equipment allowing remote control and monitoring of parameters to increase productivity and maintenance costs.

  • Motors
  • Pump, Fan, Compressors
  • Switchgear
  • Capacitors

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Advanced Analysis
Advanced Analysis