Power Monitoring Systems

In order to make informed decisions, real-time date needs to be evaluated. We provide energy management systems that provide the information to make improvements and changes to your businesses energy consumption.

Commonly used systems include;

  • Schneider Electric
  • AB – Powermonitor

Energy Audits

Conducting an energy audit of your facility provides a fantastic tool for showing areas to improve. The information collected through testing & monitoring can then be used in building strategies to increase safety and performance.

Power Factor Correction

A poor power factor can lead to large energy loss and non-compliance with energy supplier requirements. Large motors, high amounts of computer equipment can contribute to a lowered power factor.

Power factor problems can cause;

  • Non-compliance
  • Additional energy charges


  • Identify energy inefficiencies
  • Develop energy reduction plan
  • Implement plan with installation and maintenance support
  • Power monitoring systems
  • Energy efficient upgrades

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