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Saving Hours Onsite -

Saving Hours Onsite

Having information on the equipment before going to site is good. Having the history of repairs and services for an asset, well that saves hours!
Spending To Much On Power? -

Spending To Much On Power?

How much has lighting efficiency improved? The short answer is, a lot. Thankfully, this is actually something that is really easy to measure. A common...
Lighting Our Emotions -

Lighting Our Emotions

If lighting plays such a big part in dictating our emotions, why is so little emphasis placed on the design and quality of lighting in our homes?
Motor Protection -

Motor Protection

Motors can be very dangerous if installed incorrectly, and expensive to replace if not protected properly. This is a brief overview of the requirements.
Power Surges -

Power Surges

Our homes and offices are filled with devices susceptible to power surges. The good news, they can be protected relatively easily.
Thermal Imaging Applications

Thermal Imaging Applications

Besides being used by the special forces and emergency services, it actually has a very strong commercial presence. And rightfully so.
UPS Types & Maintenance

UPS Types & Maintenance

UPS is an abbreviation for Uninterruptible Power Supply. In simply terms it provides protection against power outages and brown outs.
New Brand, New Website

A Fresh Feel for Intralec

A weekend away, or just a change of scenery makes anyone feel better! After finally finishing the new website, we are excited for work.
The Client Portal

The Client Portal

We have introduced a system for client and job management, that allows a collaborative and transparent process for all our clients.


Intralec has a vision to work in a collaborative business environment. An environment where businesses can grow together, improve their systems.

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