Power Surges

Power Surges -

What Is A Power Surge?

It is one form of electrical power disturbance. They are spikes in voltage that are very brief, usually lasting millionths of a second. Power surges vary in duration and magnitude, varying from a few hundred volts to several thousand volts.

What Causes a Surge?

Power surges can occur for a range of reasons, by both internal and external influences. Surges can also occur over phone and TV lines as well as through the mains power.

Internal surges –  occur when devices such as motors start or stop (washing machines, fridges, aircon, etc.) or when heavy loads are switched. Other factors such as switching fluorescent lights can also have an effect.

External surge – from things like lightning strikes and power grid problems.

How to Protect Equipment?

Our homes and offices are filled with devices susceptible to power surges. The good news, they can be protected. Surge protectors and UPS’s are to devices that provide that required protection.

Surge Protector

Surge protectors keep equipment safe by diverting surge energy to earth, therefore protecting equipment.

Plug in – the most common, incorporated into power boards and plugs.

Hard wired – located in the switchboard and provides surge protection to the whole installation. This option generally cost more as it must be installed by a licenced electrician.


Uninterruptable Power Supply is a device that provides power correction, surge protection, and battery backup. UPS’s provide the highest level of protection and are commonly found on critical equipment such as servers, networking equipment.


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