The Client Portal

The Client Portal

Managing multiple projects, responding to emergency call outs, and managing to accurately keep track of everything can be quite a challenge. It’s not however, if you have the right systems in place.

Dealing with trades can be difficult sometimes. You can’t be sure you’re not being “taken for a ride” as it can be hard to keep external businesses accountable. The idea behind the client portal was to allow transparency between us and you, so that you can be sure we are dependable.

We are running the latest job management system that allows complete control over our operations, from start to finish. This system isn’t just for us however, it was developed to allow our clients access to all the information they require to make sure things are being done correctly.

The client portal allows facilities and office managers to;

  • Check job status & book new jobs
  • Request for quotes
  • Accept quotes and view invoices
  • Access reports and test results
  • View risk assessments carried out by our staff

Take a look at the client portal page for more information on how the system works.